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Dotmatics and BioBright

Dotmatics has acquired BioBright

Dotmatics has acquired BioBright to create a unified offering that will help our customers accelerate their journey towards the Lab of the Future. This unique combination of the Dotmatics Scientific Informatics Platform with BioBright's Scientific Lab Data Automation Platform, will enable our customers to automate their laboratory data workflows and provide a modern data foundation for their next generation scientific data management and AI/ML driven analytics.

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Accelerating Towards The Lab of the Future

With BioBright and Dotmatics you can:

  • Automate data acquisition from instruments.
  • Automate upload of files from CROs.
  • Automate parsing of instrument files, integrity checking.


  • Store and process you data in a scalable and highly secure data lake.
  • Automate creation of experiments and analysis of instrument outputs.
  • Easily assemble experiment results and other project data for learning and decision making.
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What are People Saying about BioBright and Dotmatics?

This is an exciting milestone in the history of Dotmatics and also hugely significant for our customers and the wider industry. For the first time world-leading informatics and lab data automation platforms are being brought together under a single vendor. Through complementary technologies, shared scientific expertise and industry insight, we will dramatically accelerate Dotmatics’ ability to innovate and drive lab data automation. We are delighted to welcome our new BioBright colleagues to Dotmatics and look forward to working together to create a game-changing solution for our customers’ journey towards the Lab of the Future.
Dr. Stephen Gallagher
CEO Dotmatics
All research organizations need to maximize the efficiency of their laboratory workflows while at the same time ensuring they have the highest quality data on which to make decisions. The data automation workflows that will be possible from the combination of Dotmatics and BioBright will be an important new offering to the industry to help address these challenges.
Jarrod Medeiros
Director of Informatics and IT at Casma Therapeutics
Scientific research has moved from being process-driven to data-centric. Scientists are inferring the results of experiments by analyzing more data than ever, and real-time data processing of terabytes of data is enabling analyses which were simply not possible in the manual era. Companies that own the cleanest, best-annotated data will be the most successful in making ground-breaking discoveries within this new paradigm. We are excited to combine BioBright with Dotmatics to build out a unique end-to-end offering that will allow our customers to achieve their data-driven future.
Charles Fracchia
CEO of BioBright
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